The Saints And Sinners Of The Grammys, 2011

So Katy Perry paraded down the red carpet in a full length dress ridden with Swarovski crystals and material which has to be laser cut. Rumour has it, the material alone cost over $120,000 but i guess money isn't everything, as the dress didn't go down well with the critics...I'd give the wings a miss next time Pezzers. How sexy did Jennifer Lopez look! Nobody could have made her embellished long sleeved Emilio Pucci dress look better. Paired with spiked Louboutin heels and a cartier statement ring,  J-Lo really brought it to the red carpet and the hysteria she caused was definitely well deserved. Shame about her hair though, I'd give the frazzled extensions a miss next time J-Lo. I certainly hope I look as gorgeous as Nicole Kidman did when I'm in my 40's. She rocked the red carpet in a gorgeous floral mermaid Jean Paul Gaultier dress and her luscious locks looked as radiant as ever. Personally, vintage dresses will always win my heart, and Florence Welch couldn't have worn a more stunning dress. She's the only woman alive who could pull off a cream Givenchy Couture Full Length dress without pouring on the fake tan. Her hair pulls the entire outfit together, so who needs the fake tan and masses of make-up to look gorgeous..? Unfortunately, most of us. Somebody not quite as successful as Florence and J-Lo, would be Miley Cyrus. Her Roberto Cavalli gown was practically falling off her. She was dangerously close to having a seriously awkward wardrobe malfunction. Thanks be to her gorgeous newly coloured lengthy locks, which would have saved the day if one of her boobs had decided to steal the show. Now...Ri-Ri, we all know how gorgeous you are, but its a bit extreme to turn up to the red carpet practically naked. You'll always have our attention, so acquainting  the world to your lady bits isn't necessary. So please Rihanna, for everybody's sake, throw that Jean Paul Gaultier gown to the back of the closet, or better...the bin.

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