I'm So Sorry!

I'm so sorry i haven't posted in such a long time! Its been so hectic at the moment with essays and exams flying at me from every direction. I promise to be more consistent. haha. But its kind of impossible as my schools internet sucks and I board most nights...I'm so tired and I probably should be working right now. I've just had a 5 hour art exam, followed by another 5 hour art exam tomorrow and my best friends sister's christening. I've got so many deadlines atm! Oh well...just wait until summer and i'll be posting from Mallorca, Cyprus and Madeira! Lying in the sun with my book and my blog :) 

So, until next time...which i hope won't be too long. ;)


If Today Way Your Last Day...

One of my favourite songs, and probably the best advice i've ever listened to.

My best friend gave me the best advice 
He said each day's a gift and not a given right 
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind 
And try to take the path less traveled by 
That first step you take is the longest stride 

If today was your last day 
and tomorrow was too late 
Could you say goodbye to yesterday? 
Would you live each moment like your last? 
Leave old pictures in the past 
Donate every dime you have? 
If today was your last day 

Against the grain should be a way of life 
What's worth the prize is always worth the fight 
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try 
So live like you'll never live it twice 
Don't take the free ride in your own life 

If today was your last day 
and tomorrow was too late 
Could you say goodbye to yesterday? 
Would you live each moment like your last? 
Leave old pictures in the past 
Donate every dime you have? 
Would you call old friends you never see? 
Reminisce of memories 
Would you forgive your enemies? 
Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?
Swear up and down to God above 
That you finally fall in love 
If today was your last day 

If today was your last day 
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart? 
You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars 
Regardless of who you are 
So do whatever it takes 
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life 
Let nothin' stand in your way 
Cause the hands of time are never on your side 

If today was your last day 
and tomorrow was too late 
Could you say goodbye to yesterday? 

Would you live each moment like your last? 
Leave old pictures in the past 
Donate every dime you have? 
Would you call old friends you never see? 
Reminisce of memories 
Would you forgive your enemies? 
Would you find that one you're dreamin' of? 
Swear up and down to God above 
That you finally fall in love 
If today was your last day


Coachella 2011

Admittedly...a bit late, but better late than never i say.
I so wish i could have gone to Coachella this year. My passion for music and fashion would have been satisfied perfectly, and my inner festival chick is dying to come out. Headliners included Kanye West, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire and The Strokes. But don't you feel sorry for all those celebs who go to have a good time, whose every move and outfit is scrutinised by the world. Some of the celebs who nailed the festival look in my opinion were the following:

Whitney Port sporting bunches, as opposed to everybody else who's sporting beach
waves...Refreshing. Black nail varnish juxtaposes the white lacy dress well, nice touch Miss Port, or is
it Miss Nemtin these days..? Love the beaded sunnies as well.
Kate Bosworth going highstreet with an american flag vestie by topshop. Paired with
white hotpants and aviators for a fresh casual look.
Katy Perry showed up in a vintage Dolce and Gabbana maxi worn with a skinny belt.
Loving the headscarf as well!
Alessandra Ambrosio certainly rocked the the festival sporting a bohemian chic look 
with her cutsie vintage dress, paired with stylish but practical boots. 
Our High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens looking as cute
as ever in a crop top and high waisted shorts. Loving the fringed bag! Showing off a tanned and toned
body...and a belly-button piercing?

Diane Kruger's wearing a nude maxi and a black vest top. Simple, but
accessorised with a belt, a hat and some basic jewellery. Doesn't it prove how
gorgeous you can look so easily? Or maybe its just because she's Diane Kruger...
Isabel Lucas, another Victoria Secret model looking effortlessly boho-chic
at coachella, a nude maxi dress underneath a cropped jumper. The bare feet really do make her look
like a hippy...lets hope that was the look she was going for. Long locks draped
over her shoulders give the look the finishing touch.
Internet IT Girl/Student Harley Viera Newton paired leather with lace to create a soft look with an
edge. Her gorgeous hair looking as effortlessly chic as ever.  She definitely understand that less is more at a festival. Full Marks in my book Harley.
Caroline D’Amore pairs girly with edgy with a black and white tie-dyed crop tank top
and a floral poofy tutu. Spiced up with some black knee-highs and an olive
over-the-shoulder bag to make sure it isn't too 'matchy-matchy'
Alexa Chung dressed up instead of down? Who cares. She rocked this 3.1 Philip Lim dress,
the same as she rocks everything else she wears.

Everybody's going crazy for...

THE PETER PAN COLLAR. Are you charmed by the innocence that the collar evokes? The simple yet genius design appeals to many women of all ages but like many fashion trends, the popularity of the Peter Pan collar waxes and wanes. It causes controversy amongst women, some love it, some hate it. So would you rather bear all with a low cut top, or return to your youth with the fairytale collar?

THE GALAXY PRINT. It's been dazzling fashionistas with their with swirling, layered colours for a couple of years now. And Christopher Kane and even the highstreet have embraced this super-print. Are you mesmerised by this intriguing yet fascinating take on fashion, or do you think its a step too far? 

SCALLOP-EDGING. A basic yet captivating alteration to any garment which can transform any article of clothing and add the finishing touch to any outfit. Personally I love it. Topshop proudly promote this trend in many of their clothes, including shorts, tops and jackets. Meaning it is affordable and readily available, so really...theres no reason why you couldn't embrace it. The fact of the matter is wether you want to.

Tone it down with Nudes.


Who said you need bold colours, heavy prints and extravagant accessories to make a statement? These simple colours are sophisticated and sexy as hell! Its also easy to incorporate other trends in such as 'scallop-edging' and 'peter-pan collars'. Think, modern romance and you'll be fine...



     Since i was born i've been jet-setting around the world with my parents, staying in fancy hotels and lying on exotic beaches. But, would it sound ungrateful to say that what i'd really like to do includes road-side motels instead of 5-star hotels, and a beaten up chevy. I'm like my Granddad in that respect, sadly he just passed away last month. But like me, he wanted to travel the world. He had a rare lung disease for the last 7 years of his life which stopped him flying. Was that going to stop him travelling? No. He and my nan went on 2 cruises a year, harbouring at the most amazing ports around the Mediterranean. I'm dying to drive the entire 2448 miles in a chevrolet. Just me, my aviators and my best friend. What i'm saying is, you don't have to spend thousands of pounds to have the most amazing experience ever.

Note: Live your dreams...before its too late.

Look What I Found...

My dreams of being a princess. Just to let you know...
I did go to the ball ;)

Mr. Bear, No.1 in any girls life.

Crossed arms and the infamous pout. I 
definitely haven't changed much.


Tally Dowds by Abbie Georgina (Me)

Hannah Dunn by Abbie Georgina (Me)

Lindsay Lohan by Rankin for Elle Magazine


Louboutin's Iconic Red Soles

Christian Louboutin has filed lawsuits against both YSL and Carmen Steffens for copyright infringement. First, YSL tried to use red soles in a line of their shoes and now the brazilian company Carmen Steffens have said in a statement that it is "surprising that another brand is trying to reserve the rights to any colour."
Louboutin faces competition for his
trademark soles

McQueens Legacy Lives On

The fashion world left shaken after the 4 times british designer of the year, Lee Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home, hanging in his wardrobe from his 'favourite belt' on the 11th February 2010. He went beyond the natural and normative of fashion with pieces such as these shoes which appeared in Lady Gaga's music video 'Bad Romance'. By doing so he became a famous trend-setter. 

McQueens fascination for the afterlife was apparent in his final collection. The clothes had a medieval and religious look. Basic colors that were repetitively used were red, gold and silvers with detailed embroidery. His models were accessorised to show his love for theatrical imagery and their faces ghostly pale and lifeless. 

Gold angels sculpted into the fierce black knee high boots.
It seemed that for 15 minutes in that Parisian ballroom, McQueen was alive.
In folds of double duchesse satin, in a short dress tightly waisted and extravagantly swagged at the hip, could be glimpsed the infant Jesus from Jean Fouquet's 1450 painting of the Virgin and Child, digitally captured and engineered to fit the piece.
A pale silk chiffon gown, curves as sculpted as a Greek marble goddess yet so gossamer light it swept the floor in silence, bore the faces of angels and the wings of doves, and on the back the outline of angel wings.

Mcqueens legacy is continued by creative director Sarah Burton. His outrageous personality is being reflected in gold skulls and python leaf clutches. 

LEATHER FLOWER APPLIQUE CLUTCH. Just one amongst others.

Lucy Dale by Abbie Georgina (Me)

"In a dancer, there is a reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength." - Martha Graham

5 Tips For Surviving London.

A few tips I suggest you take on board. I learnt these from for your own good, learn from my mistakes!
1.) As glam as you'd like to look for a day touring round London, Stiletto heels are a massive no-no. Unless you'd like to be hobbling down Regent Street bare foot and bleeding, i'd recommend you stick to comfortable foot wear. A pair of grungy boots are just perf for a visit to Brick Lane.
2.) As exciting as Camden Market is, don't get to hyped up on the hysteria of the place, or you'll find yourself causing your mind and body serious damage. For example, do NOT be charmed into a "hairdresser" free of charge by a gorgeous, blue eyed guy called Levi. Turns out, the hairdressers there weren't qualified. Oh least hair grows. 
3.) As creepy as the tubes are at night time thanks to the horror movie 'Creep', i recommend you DONT get a taxi instead. They tend to choose the longest route possible, add major congestion charges and therefore result in your purse being emptied. So say good-bye to that top you intended on going back and buying, unless your willing to to sit through the 3 minutes of eery loneliness on the tube platform.
4.) Admittedly, London can be a bit pricey, but as opposed to tiny towns with just a few highstreet shops, there are thousands of tiny boutiques and vintage shops. Perfect for those of us who prefer to be original. Also you'll find Brick Lane and Camden Market has plenty of interesting original pieces. 
5.) If your visiting from abroad, you couldn't possible leave without the infamous 'I <3 London' Souvenirs. Lucky for you there are hundreds of little souvenir shops full of t-shirts, hoodies, shot glasses, even condoms. But like any store like these, you'll find the salespeople are probably willing to lower their prices slightly. So don't be a pushover, hold your ground and leave that shop with one hell of a bargain!

My Tune Of The Week, 18/04/11

Shining Light - Ash

Shining Light is Ash's most recognisable and biggest selling hit to date. Released 29th January 2001 as the first single from their album 'Free All Angels.

"We made our connection,
A full-on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention.
Yeah you are a shining light.
A constellation once seen
Over Royal David's city.
An epiphany, you burn so pretty.
Yeah you are a shining light"

The Pretty Reckless

Except from being a totally AMAZING band, the lead singer Taylor Momsen also happens to be a talented actress. Besides this, she's breaking into the fashion industry, recently becoming the face of John Galliano. For an 18 year old, you cant deny the fact that this is a phenomenal achievement. She's one of the only girls in this era who can pull of heavy black eye make-up along with dark lips and grungy bleached hair. She cant help but have you staring, good or bad, shes definitely got our attention. At the moment, their band probably isnt one of the most famous or successful of its kind...but not for long. This girls got talent and she's just getting started.

Bold is better...But are you brave enough?

Break up block colours with a
belt to minimise your chances of a
'wishy-washy' result.
     In the current economic climate, you could definitely say things were becoming dull and lifeless. So thank god the designers decided to throw some colour into our lives to lighten the mood a bit! Even the highstreets are following suit. And i guess...with most of our cash down the drain, what have we got to lose? Block Colour, Neon Brights and even Tone on Tone have been raging trends that fellow fashionistas have been compelled to obey. But such statement looks need to be worn with attitude and courage. One tiny incorrect detail could kill a look and transform it from a fantastic clash of the bold and beautiful to a disastrous pic-a-mix of texture, colour and print. Even though rules have been broken, new 'pointers' have been enforced in order to keep some kind of order within the fashion industry. For best result, do follow these guidelines to a certain extent...but hey its a free country, do what you want! And remember, if your not comfortable with the idea of walking down the street looking like a bag of skittles, you can incorporate this rampant trend by wearing bright accessories...perhaps not as daring, but always the final touch to any outfit.                  
A bright bag, belt or pair of shoes.
Perfect to add personality and drama
to any bland outfit.

Pointer: When mixing similar tones. Stick to one area of the colour spectrum, for example soft pinks for a romantic feel. Forget crimsons and hot pinks, to work this look, subtlety is key. Texture works well with this  shade-on-shade look to create understated drama.