McQueens Legacy Lives On

The fashion world left shaken after the 4 times british designer of the year, Lee Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home, hanging in his wardrobe from his 'favourite belt' on the 11th February 2010. He went beyond the natural and normative of fashion with pieces such as these shoes which appeared in Lady Gaga's music video 'Bad Romance'. By doing so he became a famous trend-setter. 

McQueens fascination for the afterlife was apparent in his final collection. The clothes had a medieval and religious look. Basic colors that were repetitively used were red, gold and silvers with detailed embroidery. His models were accessorised to show his love for theatrical imagery and their faces ghostly pale and lifeless. 

Gold angels sculpted into the fierce black knee high boots.
It seemed that for 15 minutes in that Parisian ballroom, McQueen was alive.
In folds of double duchesse satin, in a short dress tightly waisted and extravagantly swagged at the hip, could be glimpsed the infant Jesus from Jean Fouquet's 1450 painting of the Virgin and Child, digitally captured and engineered to fit the piece.
A pale silk chiffon gown, curves as sculpted as a Greek marble goddess yet so gossamer light it swept the floor in silence, bore the faces of angels and the wings of doves, and on the back the outline of angel wings.

Mcqueens legacy is continued by creative director Sarah Burton. His outrageous personality is being reflected in gold skulls and python leaf clutches. 

LEATHER FLOWER APPLIQUE CLUTCH. Just one amongst others.

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