Everybody's going crazy for...

THE PETER PAN COLLAR. Are you charmed by the innocence that the collar evokes? The simple yet genius design appeals to many women of all ages but like many fashion trends, the popularity of the Peter Pan collar waxes and wanes. It causes controversy amongst women, some love it, some hate it. So would you rather bear all with a low cut top, or return to your youth with the fairytale collar?

THE GALAXY PRINT. It's been dazzling fashionistas with their with swirling, layered colours for a couple of years now. And Christopher Kane and even the highstreet have embraced this super-print. Are you mesmerised by this intriguing yet fascinating take on fashion, or do you think its a step too far? 

SCALLOP-EDGING. A basic yet captivating alteration to any garment which can transform any article of clothing and add the finishing touch to any outfit. Personally I love it. Topshop proudly promote this trend in many of their clothes, including shorts, tops and jackets. Meaning it is affordable and readily available, so really...theres no reason why you couldn't embrace it. The fact of the matter is wether you want to.

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