Bold is better...But are you brave enough?

Break up block colours with a
belt to minimise your chances of a
'wishy-washy' result.
     In the current economic climate, you could definitely say things were becoming dull and lifeless. So thank god the designers decided to throw some colour into our lives to lighten the mood a bit! Even the highstreets are following suit. And i guess...with most of our cash down the drain, what have we got to lose? Block Colour, Neon Brights and even Tone on Tone have been raging trends that fellow fashionistas have been compelled to obey. But such statement looks need to be worn with attitude and courage. One tiny incorrect detail could kill a look and transform it from a fantastic clash of the bold and beautiful to a disastrous pic-a-mix of texture, colour and print. Even though rules have been broken, new 'pointers' have been enforced in order to keep some kind of order within the fashion industry. For best result, do follow these guidelines to a certain extent...but hey its a free country, do what you want! And remember, if your not comfortable with the idea of walking down the street looking like a bag of skittles, you can incorporate this rampant trend by wearing bright accessories...perhaps not as daring, but always the final touch to any outfit.                  
A bright bag, belt or pair of shoes.
Perfect to add personality and drama
to any bland outfit.

Pointer: When mixing similar tones. Stick to one area of the colour spectrum, for example soft pinks for a romantic feel. Forget crimsons and hot pinks, to work this look, subtlety is key. Texture works well with this  shade-on-shade look to create understated drama.

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