Walkin' On Sunshine...

Summers nearly here and lets just hope us Brits get the summer we deserve after that amazing wedding we hosted! So theres a few things we need to take into account to make these precious few months as perfect as possible! Remember, summers are for relaxing in the day, and partying in the night...but unfortunately binge fun isn't popular with your body. So prep your body, hair, skin and nails in advance to ensure minimum damage. Follow these step-by-step rules as your pre-holiday regime so you really can spend your holiday worry-free

  • Take your supplements, Vitamin B deficiency can increase your risk of sun damage - Its these vitamins that help you tan so if your low on these you'll burn to a crisp.
  • Drink Plenty of water, this will flush out your toxins leaving you feeling refreshed with healthy, glowing skin. Dehydration in the summer heat will leave you feeling exhausted, which may ruin the week you've been waiting for ALL year. 
  • Cellulite girls? Don't worry we all have it..but with a ruthless and unforgiving bikini in the suitcase, you might want to do something about it. Cut out sugars and caffeine about 6 weeks before the holiday and invest in Cellu-Sculpt 3x Tri-roller, £12 by Avon. Its unique design gives you a deep tissue massage for an at-home cellulite buster!
  • Hot water, the suns piercing rays and a harsh shower gel/soap. These three combined equal SKIN DISASTER. They strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it dull and dry. Instead, use oils in the shower and complete the ritual with Body Butter from The Body Shop in order to revive your skin and restore its moisture. 
  • One word, Mani-Pedi. Before your holiday visit your local salon and give yourself a good pamper! Hard skin, tired nails and unsightly feet are a no-no on holiday. Your toes are on show almost every day on holiday, so its crucial they are looking their best. A bit of nail varnish works wonders on tanned toes, really giving you that effortless holiday look, while being low maintenance.
  • Chlorine, Sea-water and the sun are your hairs worst enemies. Use an intensive conditioning mask every week before you go. Believe it or not, the gorgeous surfer girl hair you see in movies doesn't happen by just jumping in the sea and hoping for the best. You need to look after your hair, have it coloured a week before, and let the sun enhance the tones in your hair for a natural sun kissed radiance.
  • Waxing. Painful, but rewarding. Hair doesn't come back as thick or as quickly. For minimum pain, use talcum powder before applying the strip so the wax grips the hairs in stead of the skin. Its also a good idea to exfoliate prior to waxing as it makes any hairs trapped by dead skin accessible. Also, an aftercare regime is important to avoid irritation. For the 48 hours that follow your hair removal, avoid swimming, hot baths and showers, saunas, steam or any form of UV exposure.
  • For a low maintenance holiday look, ditch the foundation for a more subtle and light tinted moisturiser that won't clog your pores and will allow the sun to reach your skin and give it a healthy colour. To get the holiday flawless look with as little effort as possible, get a eye brow and lash tint so you wont have to wear mascara, meaning even in the sea, your lashes can look gorgeous without the tacky panda eyes. 

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