Alexander McQueen A/W 2011

      The unveiling of Sarah Burton's second collection as head designer reflected an entirely different emotion than that of the A/W collection of last 2010 while McQueen's death was fresh in the mind. This collection represented fully McQueen's controversial obsession with light and dark, illustrating both angels, and demons bound perfectly together in one show. The gowns did nothing to dispel the rumours of Kate Middleton's wedding dress, with metres of tulle fit for a queen. The mix of innocence and rebellion in all that corsetry contrasted with pleating in the collection feeds both alter-egos, leaving us 100% satisfied. Genius. White-out make up, spray on leggings beneath skirts and huge platform shoes with jagged metal heels make this 100% McQueen, as did the high collared moulded silhouette over flared skirts. However, there was an apparent air of confidence in her designs as she adapted the heritage slightly. I think it's very fair to say, the house of McQueen is more than safe in her hands.


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