Oh! Lola

If your already a Daisy or a Lola fan, then this is the perfume you've been waiting for. It's still got the playful flower lid, and is still a light, fresh fragrance. Whereas the old Lola had notes of spicy pink pepper and ruby red grapefruit, Marc Jacobs has made Oh! Lola slightly more sparkly with hints of raspberry, frais des bois and pretty peony. It does, however, share the same sweet vanilla and tonka bean notes to provide the crucial similarity between the family.

Whats more, to promote the scent, Jacobs has chose fresh-faced Dakota Fanning, who aged 17, captures the Oh! Lola essence of charm and innocence perfectly. 

Oh, Lola! is on sale nationwide from July 27. From £37 for 30ml EDT

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